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Attire For Class

All students are required to wear appropriate attire for class and correct shoes. With the exception of hip hop, no street clothes or baggy sweats will be allowed in class. If a student is not dressed appropriately for class, they may be asked to sit out that day. Hair should be up and pulled off of the face. Please see below for correct attire and shoes.



Acrobatic Students: Leotard and Biker Shorts or Unitard with Convertible Tights or No Tights

Ballet Students: Leotard, Optional Dance Skirt and Pink Tights


Hip Hop Students: Sports Bra / Tank Tops / T-shirts / Dance Shorts / Leggings / Sweats

Jazz, Lyrical, & Tap Students: Sports Bra / Leotard / Fitted Tank Top / Dance Shorts / Leggings / Skin Tone Tights

Modeling Students: Black Fitted Tank Top or Leotard and Black Leggings - MUST be in All Black for this Class - NO EXCEPTIONS

Boys: Dance Pants / White T-shirt

Hip Hop Students Only - please see above

Required Shoes for Class: 

Acrobatics: Barefoot

Ballet: Pink Leather Ballet Slippers (with NO elastic ties)

Hip Hop: Shoes Will Be Selected By Instructor - Please Wear Clean Sneakers to Class

Jazz/Lyrical: Tan Bloch Pulse Shoe

Tap (Beg): Black Patent Leather Shoes with Velcro Strap (with NO laces)

Tap (Int/Adv): Shoes Will Be Selected by Instructor 

Modeling: Black Dress Heel with Ankle Strap - "Low Chunk Heel"

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